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Biblical Heritage: The Culture of Judith
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Earth Spinning

Home Page: a brief introduction to the website; the 2 main explorative objectives of this project/ website; my contact info
Intro to Text: contains quotes from Oxford introduction to Judith; links to re-tellings of the Judith story; a credit to the Oxford text w/ a link to buy it
Intro to Project: how I became interested in Judith and Artemisia; plus links to
          -link to buy Understanding Art; the text of the "Compare and Contrast" article; selected works by Caravaggio, Cellini, Donatello, Gentileschi, and Giovanni da Bologna which complement the article
          -tidbits of information about Artemisia, includes selected quotes and a list of Artemisia's paintings
          -article from The New Yorker
          -Criticism about the 1998 film, "Artemisia"
Your Judith: a list of things you and each artist portraying Judith must decide about how you see Judith and her story
3 Faces: Judith: three possible ways of viewing or constructing the character "Judith", by comparing what the Judith text says about Judith and a constructed cultural image of Judith
     -Judith 1
     -Judith 2
     -Judith 3
     -timeline of Judith works
     -index: more information about selected artisans
     -exploration of Judith's appeal to God in relation to the real Genesis 34
Sources: a basic guide to the sources of my ideas, information, and inspiration, organized by section--if it doesn't say otherwise, the ideas or views stated are most likely my own
Site Map (You Are Here): designed to help you navigate this site better