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An Introduction to the Text: Judith
Biblical Heritage: The Culture of Judith

"Judith is an especially compelling figure. She is morally ambiguous: although pious, faithful, and religiously observant, she lies, seduces, and murders."

"She has often been viewed as a model for human liberation, and her courage and complexity have fascinated artists, writers, and composers for centuries."

"Judith's lies are often interpreted as wisdom, and the success of her mission is achieved by means of cosmetic adornment."
-p.32, Apocrypha, Introduction to Judith

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You can read a brief summary/ introduction to Judith which also mentions the relevancy of the Judith story to the Jewish people. It is presented at yourpage.org as a children's story:
There is also another re-telling at:

Scroll, Spinning

All quotations of the Judith text used in this webpage are taken from:
The New Oxford Annotated Bible: New Revised Standard Version with the Apocrypha. 3rd Edition. Ed. Michael D. Coogan. New York: Oxford, 2001.
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