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The Artisans of Judith
Biblical Heritage: The Culture of Judith

Proving there is nothing new under the sun, a timeline dating portrayals of Judith (estimated dates are indictated):
c. 1582 Veronese
1608 Baglione
1608-1609 Gentileschi, Orazio

Organization of Artisan Listing:
LAST NAME, First Name {Nationality, Dates of Birth-Death}:
     -Biographical Information [sources listed in brackets]
     -Name of the Work of Art in italics with Judith in it
     -Other Works by this artist, given for style comparison
     -other miscellaneous information
Abbreviations used for sources:
(N.B.: sources are only listed in brackets below if the page is sponsored by a museum or university)
   -National Gallery, D.C.: The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
   -WGA: The Web Gallery of Art

BOTTICELLI, Sandro {Italian (Florence), 1445-1510}
      -Biography 1
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -The Return of Judith to Bethulia [WGA]
Other Works [WGA]
BRAMER, Leonaert {Dutch, 1596-1674}:
     -Biography 1 [Cornell University]
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Drawing: Judith in the Tent of Holofernes [Cornell University]
     -Other Works [WGA]
CARAVAGGIO {Italian, 1573-1610}:
     -Biography 1
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Other Works [WGA]
     -list of other artists influenced by Carvaggio's work (includes Artemisia and Orazio) [The Detroit Institute of Art]
DONATELLO {Italian Sculptor, c.1386-1466}:
     -Biography 1
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Bronze Statue: Judith and Holofernes [WGA]
     -Other Works [WGA]
GALLE, Cornelius {Flemish, 1576-1650}
     -another work by Galle [WGA]
     -Judith Beheading Holofernes, after Sir Peter Paul Rubens: http://www.nga.gov/cgi-bin/pinfo?Object=56366+0+none
GENTILESCHI, Artemisia {Italian Painter, 1597-1651}:
     -Biography 1
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Other Works [WGA]
GENTILESCHI, Orazio {Italian Painter, 1563-1639}
     -Biography 1 [J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA]
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Other Works [WGA]
LOTTO, Lorenzo {Venetian, c. 1480-1557}:
     -Biography 1 [National Gallery, D.C.] 
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Judith with the Head of Holofernes [National Gallery, D.C.]
     -Other Works, page 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6   [National Gallery, D.C.]
MANTEGNA, Andrea {Paduan, 1431-1506}:
     -Biography 1 [Web Museum, Paris]
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Other Works [WGA]  
     -Judith and Holoferneshttp://www.nga.gov/cgi-bin/pinfo?Object=1184+0+none [National Gallery, D.C.]
MICHELANGELO (di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni) {Florentine, 1475-1564}:
     -Biography 1
     -Biography 2 [WGA]
     -Other Works [WGA]
VERONESE (Paolo Caliari) {Venetian, 1528 - 1588}
     -Biography [WGA]
     -Studies for Judith and Holofernes, David and Goliath, and Other Compositions:
     -Other Works [National Gallery, D.C.]