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Suzy's Home Page
friends and family

Watch out- white belt, 10 o' clock!

A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.
-Dave Barry

DISCLAIMER: If you aren't on this page, it doesn't mean that you aren't my friend. I have a lot of cool friends that aren't pictured here. I just used this page to post some interesting pictures of a sampling of my friends to give you a feel for how cool all of them are!

Melinda dancing at a fight practice. (Yes, that is a cane balanced on her hip.) [Winter 1998?]

Melinda Chakalis

The Prom Gang 4 (1997?).

Aaron, Michelle, Kendra, Justin.

Meaglin & Hrafn (ARF!!!).

Maggie with a quite dramatic looking Justin.

My Japanese friend Ukyo.

Dom with katana.

I really like to use ICQ! You can find me by looking for <luvbunny13>...

Pennsic War...

Pennsic camping... ahh the memories