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Suzy's Home Page

I think a picture can say a thousand words. That's why I have this page, & there's more to come...

Suzy in Lorica Segmenta with Sam's sword (1999)

Sam's turn (1997)

downstate, picture taken by mom (1995)

Yes, It's a washing machine. Are you going to e-mail me, or not?

A little explanation in the third person: Suzy and Diana.

You'll notice that the more my page grows, the more there is about Diana, and the page on Suzy stays pretty much the same. I feel there are two main reasons for this:
(1) Diana is more interesting to talk about
and (2)um... well I guess there's just one reason!
Suzy is me. The person I am everyday, who goes to work to pay the bills, goes to school to get a better job to pay more bills, then comes home and pays the bills. Really, it's not quite that bad, but my day to day interactions in life are much less interesting to write about than Diana's latest adventure. Diana has the distinct advantage of being in a unique setting everytime, facing new things to deal with and explore. And as much as I love learning, it's less interesting to tell you about the last book I took out of the library to research Scandinavians and a lot more interesting to show you Diana's newest skill: wire weaving, and show you how to do it as well. Diana also has a secret strategy in this sense: any time Suzy learns something that even remotely relates to the Middle Ages, it's automatically taken over as something Diana learned. This is because Diana is no more than Suzy as I react to things related to the Middle Ages. The big secret is out! Suzy does a lot of service oriented things which are not appropriate to write about. Diana does them too (I'm proteged for cryin' out loud), but the other aspects of Diana are much more obvious: her embroidery, lucet weaving, etc. I love music, but things like that about Suzy show up in the other parts of my webpage- not on this page.
The reason why so much of this page is pictures of me (besides I'm narcissistic) is that who Suzy is as a person is much easier to understand through pictures that reflect my personality. I can talk about all the things I've done in the past, what grades I got in what class, what class I taught last week, what instrument I played 5 years ago, or I can show you pictures of me fooling around with my friends that help show the true me. And if you ever see my full picture collection, you will find that both the best and the majority of the pictures of me are of me fooling or clowning around with my friends. Even with Sam, I have almost no posed pictures. And I'm very grateful for that- I would much prefer to have a lived-in life. But once again, that's the kind of stuff you talk about at funerals, not on webpages. So I hope in the meantime you enjoy Diana's extensive page and enjoy the photos of Suzy I post from time to time.

Thanks, Suzy.